We Succeed When You Do

Penn Strategies has secured $1 Billion in Federal, State, and Local funding to benefit communities like yours.

Who we are

Founded in 2010, Penn Strategies has diverse experience from state and federal government appropriations to institutions of higher learning, municipal management, research, proposal writing, and more.

What we do

Penn Strategies is a grant-writing and appropriations firm. We write the grants, advocate for their approval and handle the compliance to ensure you receive the funds you deserve.

Who We Support

Penn Strategies provides end-to-end government funding solutions to Pennsylvania’s public-sector, private-sector, and non-profit institutions and entities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“Tobyhanna Township has utilized the services of Penn Strategies since 2015. Their expertise has been instrumental in helping the Township receive over $22 million in grants over the past eight years.”

Robert R. Bartal • Manager, Tobyhanna Township

“Penn Strategies is a top-notch firm that employs a team of dedicated professionals. They have my trust and support.”

Diana Irey Vaughan • Commissioner, Washington County

“The service and success we have received from Penn Strategies has been our best experience. The entire team at Penn Strategies is very professional, knowledgeable, and super responsive to our needs.”

Tony Miller • Manager, Newberry Township

“Through our partnership with Penn Strategies, Pocono Township has been successfully awarded millions in grant funds for a myriad of public projects, from park renovations to infrastructure repair and public safety needs.”

Taylor Muñoz • Manager, Pocono Township

Our Team Gets Results

Whether you’re a business or municipality, Penn Strategies can help you procure funding for your program or project with our grant writing expertise. First, we’ll study your business and current positioning. Then, we’ll sit down with the appropriate people to identify your true needs.

We have a proven track record of success and a team with extensive knowledge of locating and selecting the best grant programs for you. Not only can we help you complete the application process, but with a results-driven approach, we’ll follow through and advocate for your grant until it’s approved.


Let’s work together

Penn Strategies bridges the gap between government spending programs and applicants. Expect expertise, attention to detail, and professionalism.