In the heart of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, Pocono Township stands as a testament to the power of strategic grant acquisition and management, a process guided by the expertise of Penn Strategies. Our Pennsylvania-based company, specializing in grant writing and appropriations, has been instrumental in helping Pocono Township secure crucial funding and ensuring these funds are effectively utilized to meet the township’s diverse community goals.

PoconoStrategic Grant Acquisition 

With an impressive record of accomplishment of acquiring over $1 Billion in government funding for our clients, Penn Strategies played a pivotal role in Pocono Township’s recent developmental strides. The township’s array of projects, from infrastructure improvements to public safety enhancements, echoes Penn Strategies’ comprehensive approach to identifying and securing appropriate grants. Read on to learn more about Pocono Township’s key projects and impact:

Infrastructure Development: SR 611/Rimrock Drive Intersection Project 

This bustling community of 10,000 residents spread across 34 square miles has significantly improved traffic management and road safety, particularly at critical intersections. The SR 611/Rimrock Drive Intersection Project is a prime example of these efforts, displaying the township’s commitment to enhancing vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Pocono Township struggles to support the daily heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic this intersection experiences. This area, known for its major commercial and entertainment attractions, has been plagued by significant traffic congestion, extensive delays, and pedestrian safety concerns.

Funded through a combination of PennDOT MTF, DCED MTFs, and LSA grants totaling $5 Million, the improvements address these challenges effectively:

  • Safety Enhancements: The project includes the installation of handicapped ramps, sidewalks, and lighting, significantly improving pedestrian safety along the Route 611 corridor.
  • Traffic Flow Optimization: A series of road pattern alterations, the addition of turn lanes, and the enhancement of pedestrian walkways are planned to streamline traffic flow.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Upgrading the road markings and signal equipment will reduce traffic congestion and improve overall road safety.
  • Environmental and Economic Benefits: The project aims to reduce air pollution and positively impact local businesses affected by current traffic conditions by alleviating traffic congestion.
  • Public Safety: Police Department Enhancements

Expanding the Police Department highlights Pocono Township’s commitment to enhancing public safety. Securing a $375,000 DOJ (Department of Justice) grant will allow for increased police presence and improved community policing efforts. A PCCD JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) grant of $39,311 allowed the department to purchase state-of-the-art Lexipol Software. A $146,333 DCED LSA enabled Pocono Police to purchase new radio communications equipment. The funds will help complete the conversion to P25 encryption for police and emergency management.

Grant funds for the Pocono Police Department allow it to reduce violent crimes, increase clearance rates, and increase safety for officers and the public.

Recreational and Environmental Projects: TLC Park

Pocono Township’s TLC Park, situated at State Routes 611 and 715 in Tannersville, has a rich history and is undergoing significant enhancements. The park, once the site of Kistler’s Mill and later Pocono High School, is now a vibrant community space bisected by Pocono Creek.

Recent grant awards of $422,000 were awarded by DCED’s Greenways, Trails, and Recreation program and the DCNR’s Community Conservation Partnerships program. Upgrades include improved lighting, an ADA-accessible parking lot, playground enhancements including sensory equipment, a new Paddle Ball Court, an ADA-accessible pavilion, additional trees, and a performance stage.

Furthermore, Pocono Township installed a new Dog Park and an ADA-accessible Splash Pad at TLC Park. This addition will provide children with a safe and engaging play area, particularly during summer. The Splash Pad is a recreational feature and a platform for sensory and mental development, fostering community interaction and socialization across all demographics.

The township also has applied for grant funds to replace the TLC Park Pond Pedestrian Bridge. The project, totaling $239,000, involves various tasks such as mobilization, erosion control, demolition of the existing bridge, construction of new concrete and stone-faced retaining walls, and installation of a new pedestrian bridge. Additional costs cover engineering design, bidding, inspection, administrative expenses, and a construction contingency.

The TLC Park Improvements highlight Penn Strategies’ understanding of the community’s recreational needs. These projects enhance residents’ quality of life and promote environmental stewardship, aligning with the township’s strategic goals.

The Penn Strategies Edge 

What sets Penn Strategies apart is our deep understanding of the funding process and the specific needs of their clients. Our ability to collaborate with decision-makers and navigate the intricacies of grant applications has been invaluable to Pocono Township. This, combined with our compelling reputation and positive testimonials, underscores our effectiveness in helping communities like Pocono Township realize their strategic goals.

The partnership between Pocono Township and Penn Strategies is a prime example of how targeted funding and expert grant management can propel community development. Through well-executed projects, Penn Strategies has helped the township achieve its immediate objectives and laid a foundation for sustainable growth and enhanced community living. As Pocono Township continues to evolve, the role of Penn Strategies in shaping its future remains pivotal, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic funding and expert guidance in community development.